A Career at TEASE: What makes us different?

We are a team-based salon. Having a team-based culture creates a non-competitive atmosphere where we can assist each other for the utmost success and growth. All things are possible when everyone works together. Our loyalty to team service is the foundation of our true quality commitment to our salon, our clients, and to each other. Our culture-based career path includes extensive training, focused on continuous performance improvement and meeting personal goals.

Tease is continually looking for new talent. We are a salon that rewards their team through performance-based compensation. Centered on an education-based culture, Tease focuses on personal and professional growth through extensive in-salon training programs and continuing educational opportunities. Tease Salon also maintains a strong internal and external marketing/ advertising plan designed for the success of the team as well as the individual. Professional business-building tools help to assist our team in acquiring and retaining guests. If you are interested in a career with personal growth as a stylist, please send your resume with your photo to [email protected].

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